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Alveoli definition, a little cavity, pit, or cell, as a cell of a honeycomb. See more.


alveolus [al-ve´o-lus] (pl. alve´oli) (L.) a little hollow, as the socket of a tooth, a follicle of an acinous gland, or a pulmonary alveolus. adj., adj alve´olar. dental alveoli the cavities or sockets of either jaw, in which the roots of the teeth are embedded. pulmonary alveoli small outpouchings along the walls of the alveolar sacs and alveolar ...


Alveolus definition is - a small cavity or pit: such as. b: any of the small thin-walled air-containing compartments of the lung that are typically arranged in saclike clusters into which an alveolar duct terminates and from which respiratory gases are exchanged with the pulmonary capillaries


Define alveoli. alveoli synonyms, alveoli pronunciation, alveoli translation, English dictionary definition of alveoli. n. pl. al·ve·o·li 1. A small angular cavity or pit, such as a honeycomb cell. 2. A tooth socket in the jawbone. 3. A tiny, thin-walled, capillary-rich sac...


alveolus A hollow cavity that is an outpouching of the respiratory bronchioles and the alveolar ducts; there are an estimated 150 million alveoli, which are the primary site of gas exchange between the blood and environment, covering a surface area of 75m2.


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Definition of alveolus - any of the many tiny air sacs of the lungs which allow for rapid gaseous exchange., the bony socket for the root of a tooth.


Alveoli Defined. Our bodies perform certain functions every second of the day and night without our conscious awareness. For example, breathing is a job that our body does for us, whether we are ...


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The disease primarily infects the alveoli as bacteria are inhaled, causing the formation of pus in the air sacs. Bronchioloalveolar carcinoma (BAC) is a form of lung cancer that is now instead considered a subtype of lung adenocarcinoma. These cancers begin in the alveoli and are often found diffusely in one or both lungs.