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Definition of Negative Outcome. As in the previous publication of 1992, we kept the 3 definitions of negative outcomes by differentiating complications, failure to cure, and sequelae. 1 Complications were defined as any deviation from the normal postoperative course. This definition also takes into account asymptomatic complications such as arrhythmia and atelectases.


Complication definition is - complexity, intricacy; especially : a situation or a detail of character complicating the main thread of a plot. How to use complication in a sentence.


What is a Surgical Complication? ... In 2008, Sokol and Wilson 8 attempted to provide a sophisticated definition of surgical complications; they defined a complication as an undesirable ...


Definition of Wound Care. Wound Care – The care necessary, including cleansing and dressing changes, to keep surgical incisions, or wounds, healthy as they heal. Most surgical wounds heal quickly and without complication and require very little care beyond keeping them clean and dry for one to five days after surgery.


What is a surgical complication? In preparing for a lecture on the ethics of surgical complications, it became apparent that confusion exists about the definition of a ‘surgical complication’. Is it, as one medical website states, ‘any undesirable result of surgery’?1 In the European Journal of Surgery,


The overall score for serious complications is a composite score of several measures on how often adult patients had certain serious, but potentially preventable, complications related to medical or surgical inpatient hospital care.

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American College of Surgeons Definition of Surgery Legislative Toolkit This document is an assortment of talking points, data, and facts about codifying a definition of surgery in state law. Overall, this toolkit can be used to help inform Fellows of the American College of Surgeons ... where complications arise during surgical procedures ...


A complication is an adverse event that occurs due to a medical treatment or surgical procedure. Examples of complications would be bleeding after surgery, headache after a spinal tap, or an adverse drug reaction.


Complications, postoperative: Postoperative problems affecting patients after surgery. Postoperative complications may (or may not) be directly related to the disease for which the surgery was done or to the surgery itself.


surgical skill and the facilities available. A surgical complication in the United Kingdom may not count as a surgical complication in rural India and similarly a complication in 2005 may not have been in 1808. As surgical techniques and equipment improve, what were once inevitable adverse outcomes may acquire the status of surgical complications.