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Civilized definition is - characteristic of a state of civilization; especially : characterized by taste, refinement, or restraint. How to use civilized in a sentence.


civilized definition: 1. A civilized society or country has a well developed system of government, culture, and way of…. Learn more.


Define civilized. civilized synonyms, civilized pronunciation, civilized translation, English dictionary definition of civilized. adj. 1. Having a highly developed society and culture. 2.


Civilized definition, having an advanced or humane culture, society, etc. See more.


Civilized definition: If you describe a society as civilized , you mean that it is advanced and has sensible... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


Learner's definition of CIVILIZED [more civilized; most civilized] 1 : marked by well-organized laws and rules about how people behave with each other. A civilized society must respond to crime with fairness and justice. a more civilized culture. a person known throughout the civilized world ...


The characteristics of civilized societies aren't limited to just seven. A few overarching ideals encompass a wide variety of morals and beliefs to shape a certain society. The word


Modern civilized societies focus on education, safety and a high quality of life. Where these factors rank can change between societies. A strong middle class is another sign of a civilized society. Agriculture is often credited with starting civilization. Agriculture allows one person to feed many, allowing other people to focus on other tasks.


uncivilized definition: 1. not suitable for a well developed, peaceful society where people are treated fairly: 2. not…. Learn more.


Uncivilized definition is - not civilized : barbarous. How to use uncivilized in a sentence.