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Some commonly-known shapes are squares, circles, triangles, stars and rectangles. There are many different kinds of polygons used in geometry and many shapes that combine or arrange multiple polygons to be used in designs.


Definity tires are one of Pep Boys proprietary brand of tires. It is its featured product line, and Definity tires are premium quality and a good value.


A state is characterized by recognized boundaries, a permanent population, centralized institutions, an organized economy and a government. A state can be an independent country or a member of a federation. A state has external recognition and can negotiate with other s...


The shape of Euglena resembles an elongated or spindle-shaped cell that is 15 to 500 micrometers, or 0.0006 to 0.02 inches, in length. Some species can change their shape as they lack a rigid cellulose wall, and instead have a flexible pellicle.


Definity Tires are made by Pep Boys, an auto parts, accessories and repair services company. Definity tires are one of Pep Boys' proprietary tire brands.


The color black is defined as a characteristic that does not have brightness or hue. It is known to absorb light without reflecting it, which results in its lack of color, since it lacks light.


There are five primary shapes of bacteria found in nature: coccus, spirillum, vibria, bacillus and spirachaetes. These shapes can be found in a variety of configurations that help identify the bacterial species.