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Definition of shape up in the Idioms Dictionary. shape up phrase. What does shape up expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Shape up - Idioms by The Free Dictionary ... shape; shape up; shape up or ship out; share; share (one's) pain; share (one's) sorrow; share and share alike; share in; share in (something) share pain ...


Shape-up definition is - a system of hiring workers and especially longshoremen by the day or shift by having applicants gather for each day's selection; also : an instance of such hiring practice. How to use shape-up in a sentence.


Define shape up. shape up synonyms, shape up pronunciation, shape up translation, English dictionary definition of shape up. n. 1. a. The characteristic surface configuration of a thing; an outline or contour: a lake in the shape of an hourglass.


Shape up definition, an act or instance of shaping up. See more.


For someone to get the hair around the perimeter of their heads shaped up neatly by clippers and or any sharp object.


shape up definition: 1. to develop: 2. to improve your behaviour or performance: 3. to develop: . Learn more.


A Shape-Up, also called a Line-Up or a Edge-up, is a hairstyle that involves cutting along the natural hairline to make it straight. Shape-ups or edge-ups are basically the fundamental outline for haircuts today. The haircut grew in popularity during the 1980s, ...


Shape up definition: If something is shaping up , it is starting to develop or seems likely to happen . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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Shape definition is - form, create; especially : to give a particular form or shape to. How to use shape in a sentence. ... shape up. 1: to develop in a particular way This is shaping up to be an exciting trip. 2: to improve in behavior or condition. Other Words from shape. shaper noun. shape. noun. Kids ...