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Ovoviviparous definition, producing eggs that are hatched within the body, so that the young are born alive but without placental attachment, as certain reptiles or fishes. See more. Ovoviviparous | Define Ovoviviparous at Dictionary.com


Ovoviviparity. Ovoviviparous animals are similar to viviparous species in which there is internal fertilization and the young ones are born alive, but differ in that there is no placental connection and the unborn young ones are nourished by egg yolk; the mother's body does provide gas exchange (sharks and rays).. In some species, the internally developing embryos rely solely on yolk.


Ovoviviparous definition is - producing eggs that develop within the maternal body (as of various fishes or reptiles) and hatch within or immediately after release from the parent.


Define ovoviviparous. ovoviviparous synonyms, ovoviviparous pronunciation, ovoviviparous translation, English dictionary definition of ovoviviparous. adj. Producing eggs that hatch within the female's body, as in certain fishes and reptiles and many invertebrates. o′vo·vi′vi·par′i·ty n....


ovoviviparous [o″vo-vi-vip´ah-rus] bearing living young that hatch from eggs inside the maternal body, the embryo being nourished by food stored in the egg; lizards are one example. o·vo·vi·vip·ar·ous (ō'vō-vi-vip'ă-rŭs), Denoting those fish, amphibians, and reptiles that produce eggs that hatch within the body of the parent. [ovo- + L ...


Definition of ovoviviparous - (of an animal) producing young by means of eggs which are hatched within the body of the parent, as in some snakes.


Ovoviviparous animals have internal fertilization of the eggs, usually through copulation. For example, a male shark inserts his clasper into the female and releases sperm. The eggs are fertilized while they are in the oviducts and they continue their development there, nourished by the egg yolk in their egg.


The analysis of natural crab pits, simulated pits, and bottom sediment traps at Tom's Cove clearly showed that dispersal plays an important role in regulating the local distribution and abundance of the ovoviviparous bivalve Gemma gemma.


ovoviviparous definition: designating various animals, as some reptiles, fishes, and snails, which produce eggs with enclosing membranes, that are hatched within the female so that the young are born aliveOrigin of ovoviviparousovo- (var. of ovi-) + vivip...


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