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Microclimates can also refer to purpose-made environments, such as those in a room or other enclosure. Microclimates are commonly created and carefully maintained in museum display and storage environments. This can be done using passive methods, such as silica gel, or with active microclimate control devices.


Microclimate definition, the climate of a small area, as of confined spaces such as caves or houses (cryptoclimate), of plant communities, wooded areas, etc. (phytoclimate), or of urban communities, which may be different from that in the general region. See more.


Define microclimate. microclimate synonyms, microclimate pronunciation, microclimate translation, English dictionary definition of microclimate. ... An area as small as a yard or park can have several different microclimates depending on how much sunlight, shade, or exposure to the wind there is at a particular spot. Translations. microclima ...


Microclimate definition is - the essentially uniform local climate of a usually small site or habitat. Did You Know? ... so skilled gardeners take advantage of microclimates by carefully choosing and positioning their plants. San Francisco's hills, oceanfront, and bay shore, along with its alternating areas of concrete and greenery, make it a ...


Complexities of microclimate are necessary for the existence of a variety of life forms because, although any single species may tolerate only a limited range of climate, strongly contrasting microclimates in close proximity provide a total environment in which many species of flora and fauna can coexist and interact.


Microclimate: Definition, Factors & Examples. ... Microclimates are small regions within a general climate zone that have their own unique climatic conditions. Microclimates exist because of local ...


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‘The herb spiral has two diverse microclimates, ranging from a sunny, dry area on the upper southern half to a shaded, moist area on the north and around the base.’ ‘The area features a wide range of soils and microclimates, and is known for Shiraz, Cabernet, Grenache and Riesling.’


The good news is that once you understand how different factors affect microclimates, you can modify those factors through your design to create, change and improve the microclimates on your property. There are five main factors that affect microclimates. Topography The shape of the land is a significant influence on microclimates.


Microclimate definition: the atmospheric conditions affecting an individual or a small group of organisms, esp... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Log In Dictionary. ... Download our English Dictionary apps - available for both iOS and Android. Read more.