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To make a hem, measure for the desired length, add an inch, and measure a 1/2-inch fold. Fold the fabric, press, fold again, and press. Finish the hem with a blind slip stitch.


A hem measurement is a measurement taken from a woman's waist to the desired length of a skirt hem. This measurement is commonly use to sew the hem of women's skirts.


Fold the edge of the pants under to your desired length, and secure the fold with a pin. Iron the fold to create a crease, and cut the excess material, leaving 1/2 inch of material. Apply liquid plastic to the cut edge to prevent fraying. Using a blind hem stitch, sew t...


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Hem pants quickly by first ripping out the original hem with a seam ripper. Then, put on the pants, and fold up the extra fabric to the desired length, pinning it to hold. Take the pants off, and turn them inside out. Apply a thin layer of fabric glue on the inside edge...


Hem dress pants by removing the old hem, folding the edge of the fabric under 1/2 inch and ironing the fold in place. Then try the pants on, and mark the proper length by pinning the hem in place. Iron the new hem, and sew it with a straight stitch.