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Fontanel definition, one of the spaces, covered by membrane, between the bones of the fetal or young skull. See more. Fontanel | Define Fontanel at Dictionary.com


Fontanel definition is - a membrane-covered opening in bone or between bones; specifically : any of the spaces closed by membranous structures between the uncompleted angles of the parietal bones and the neighboring bones of a fetal or young skull.


The posterior fontanel, triangular in shape, closes about 2 to 3 months after birth. Increase in intracranial pressure may cause a fontanel to become tense or bulge, as evidenced in infection such as meningitis. A fontanel may be soft and depressed as a result of dehydration. Also spelled fontanelle, fonticulus.


fontanelle [fon″tah-nel´] one of the membrane-covered spaces remaining at the junction of the sutures in the incompletely ossified skull of the fetus or infant. Actually there are two soft spots close together, representing gaps in the bone structure which will be filled in by bone during the normal process of growth. The anterior fontanelle is ...


also fontanel, 1540s, "hollow between two muscles," from French fontanelle (16c.), from Old French fontenele "small source, fountain, spring; fontanelle," diminutive of fontaine "spring" (see fountain), on analogy of the dent in the earth where a spring arises. In reference to the "hollow" in a baby's skull, it is first recorded 1741.


Define fontanelle. fontanelle synonyms, fontanelle pronunciation, fontanelle translation, English dictionary definition of fontanelle. also fon·ta·nelle n. Any of the soft membranous gaps between the incompletely formed cranial bones of a fetus or an infant. Also called soft spot .


A fontanelle (or fontanel) (colloquially, soft spot) is an anatomical feature of the infant human skull comprising any of the soft membranous gaps between the cranial bones that make up the calvaria of a fetus or an infant. Fontanelles allow for rapid stretching and deformation of the neurocranium as the brain expands faster than the surrounding bone can grow.


Fontanel (fontanelle): The word fontanel comes from the French fontaine for fountain. The medical term fontanel is a "soft spot" of the skull. The "soft spot" is soft precisely because the cartilage there has not yet hardened into bone between the skull bones.


Definition of fontanelle - a space between the bones of the skull in an infant or fetus, where ossification is not complete and the sutures not fully formed.


Fontanels and Sutures. ... (definition) spaces between the developing cranial bones that allow the bones to overlap during birth and also allow for growth of the brain. Sutures (definition) immovable joints that form when the fontanels close around 2 years of age. List of Fontanels. 1. anterior fontanel (frontal) 2. posterior fontanel ...