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Stay focused, look ahead and around, have an emergency plan, and maintain a safe speed and proper following distance. Defensive drivers also prepare their vehicles before driving by adjusting seats, mirrors, and climate control, and securing loose cargo before putting the vehicle in gear.


A defensive personality is associated with a person who uses defense mechanisms, such as denial, rationalization, projection, repression, and reaction formations to avoid unpleasant tasks or interactions. An individual with a defensive personality is often unable to actively listen to others while c


Depending on the state, a defensive driving course can lead to a reduction of points against a driver's record due to traffic tickets and a decrease in automobile insurance premiums, says DMV.org. In some cases, defensive driving classes are a requirement to get back a suspended license.


A defensive driving course in Texas can be taken either online or in person at a commercial driving school. Traffic courts, the Texas DPS and car insurance companies can assist a driver in choosing the defensive driving course that best suits his needs.


No states require drivers to take defensive driving courses to receive their licenses, although tests might include components taught in these courses, as of 2015. A driver who commits certain traffic violations, however, may be required to take a course to remove points from their license.


Defensive driving classes are mandatory in some cases, such as when the driver has had a traffic offense. Some county courts require these driving classes if someone has too many points on his driving record or gets a court order to complete the class.


DefensiveDriving.com and SafetyServe.com are two companies that offer online defensive driving courses, as of 2015. Both sites help customers save on insurance premiums, meet requirements for court traffic programs and meet employer requirements.


Defensive proteins are better known as antibodies. These are a key part of the immune system. Antibodies are formed in the white blood cells and fight off infections and viruses.


Defensive behavior occurs when an individual reacts to a perceived threat and begins using self-protective measures. Defensive behaviors come in a variety of forms, but typically the person becomes agitated, louder and more animated.


The Department of Defense, commonly referred to as the DoD, is responsible for overseeing and maintaining all government organizations directly related to the safety of the United States. They govern all branches of the military to ensure protection for the country.