Defamation of character is a legal term that comes into play when one person makes a false statement about another person. For a statement to rise to the level of defamation of character, it must be false and cause harm,... More » Education

Civil suits for defamation of character can be brought if a plaintiff can establish that a statement was made about him that was published, false, injurious and unprivileged, according to Nolo. Specific laws vary by stat... More » Government & Politics Law

You can bring a lawsuit for defamation of character if you can establish that a statement was made about you that was published, injurious, false and unprivileged, Nolo explains. The laws vary by state, but these four el... More » Government & Politics Law

Defamation of character occurs when someone makes statements about another person that are injurious, false, unprivileged and published, according to Nolo. Public figures usually have to prove statements are also made wi... More »

A lie is a false statement that is said intentionally to a person to hide the truth that has harmful consequences, while a fib is a statement said about something unimportant or minor and does not have harmful consequenc... More »

The chief aim of the United Kingdom's Defamation Act of 1996 is to provide protection to individuals or organizations from the effects of libel and slander. The act also provides for the compensation of the individual or... More » Government & Politics Foreign Laws

The term "Jim Crow" originated as the name of a minstrel show character performed by Thomas Dartmouth "Daddy" Rice, a 19th century American stage actor. Rice performed in blackface on stages across the United States, per... More » Education