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Deer make a variety of different sounds including snorts, bleats, baas, grunts and clicking noises. Different sounds are used by bucks, does and fawns for different types of communication.


Deer are members of the order Artiodactyle, which means that they have an even number of toes on each hoof. Deer are the only animals with antlers. Antlers are usually found only on male deer.


Some sounds that whitetail deer make include bleats, grunts, rattling noises, and loud exhalations and inhalations. Whitetail deer are particularly vocal when they are looking to mate, using a variety of bleats, clicks and grunts to indicate their readiness.


A baby deer is officially called a fawn. A female deer can have between one and three fawns per breeding season, depending on the availability of food and her age.


A baby deer is commonly referred to as a fawn or calf. As deer reach adulthood they acquire different names depending on their gender. Adult male deer are called bucks, while females are categorized as does.


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Some deer grunt sounds include non-aggressive calls, such as contact calls, tending grunts, buck bawls and rage grunts. The estrus bleat and breeding bellows are others. Some aggressive deer grunt sounds include the sniff and the wheeze.


Antlers are a trademark characteristic of the deer family cervidae, which includes caribou, elk, moose, mule deer and white-tailed deer. The antlers' appearance has no measurable physical effect on the deer; rather, it is believed to be an evolutionary adaptation that allows the male of the species


According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, adult white-tailed deer stand between 36 and 42 inches tall at the shoulder. Adults are about 72 inches in length, with males and females weighing an average of 203 and 155 pounds, respectively.