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Clean wooden kitchen cabinets by wiping them with a detergent-water solution, scrubbing corner and detailed areas with a soft toothbrush, and rinsing the cabinets with fresh water. Buff them dry with a soft cloth.


According to Better Homes and Gardens, the best way to clean wooden cabinets is by wiping them down with an oil-soap wood cleaner at least once a week. While kitchen cabinets come in a variety of finishes, general purpose wood cleaner is typically safe to use on most wooden cabinets. Always test a s


The blank space above kitchen cabinets can be the perfect place to show off collections, to add an accent color to a kitchen or to express a clever decorating theme. While not all kitchens have enough vertical space to decorate the top of the cabinets, filling in that area often provides the perfect


The best material for cleaning wood cabinets is a general purpose oil soap cleaner, according to Better Homes and Gardens. It is important that cleaning, sealing and waxing be done regularly on wood cabinets, as they can easily dry out.


Wood gun cabinet plans are online at Popular Mechanics, Lee'sWoodProjects.com and The Design Confidential. Popular Mechanics' plans call for upper and lower cases to hold long arms and pistols, while locking drawers contain supplies and ammunition. Halogen lamps illuminate the cases


To clean stains on wood cabinets, use soap, baking soda, lemon, vinegar and a dish towel. Kitchen cabinet stains are usually caused by splattering grease while cooking food. These stains can damage wood and leave the cabinets permanently marked.


Some different wood varieties for kitchen cabinets include cherry, walnut, birch and pecan. Cherry wood darkens with age when exposed to sunlight. It may start out as a light, warm brown but then darken to almost a mahogany shade. The wood has a fine, fairly uniform grain and adapts well to finishes


To remove grease from wood cabinets, scrub with a solution of liquid detergent and warm water, then rinse the wood with water before applying a baking soda paste directly on the grease stains. Finally, scrub the stains, and rinse the cabinets with clean water.


Clean the cabinets with a damp rag, and then use painter's tape around the cabinets to protect the surrounding walls. When glazing cabinets, it's helpful to first glaze the doors, saving the cabinet bases for the end. Make sure the base paint coat is completely dry before applying glaze.


Experts recommend using mild cleaning solutions for cleaning wood cabinets such as vinegar and water, detergent mixed with water, baking soda with water or a vegetable oil soap and water. Experts also recommend avoiding commercial products such as spray polishes containing petroleum solvents and abr