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To make cabinet doors, measure the cabinet holes, cut the wood to the right width, fashion the stiles, fashion the rails, cut the panels and assemble the doors. Making each door takes about one hour and requires lumber, a table saw, a miter saw, a router table, wood glue, clamps and a measuring tape


The blank space above kitchen cabinets can be the perfect place to show off collections, to add an accent color to a kitchen or to express a clever decorating theme. While not all kitchens have enough vertical space to decorate the top of the cabinets, filling in that area often provides the perfect


Some ways to decorate a door include painting it, hanging a wreath from it, hanging oversized wooden tags on it and hanging a floral arrangement on it. Another idea is to hang an alphabet letter from it.


Hanging cabinet doors involves installing hinges on the doors, positioning the doors over the cabinet and securing the doors on the cabinet with hinge screws. Be sure to complete hanging one door before proceeding to another. You need hinges and hinge screws, a measuring tape, a carpenter's pencil,


Decorating ideas for a front door include wreaths, garlands, elegant door knockers, containers filled with flowers and elegant wooden initials. Some, such as initials and door knockers, can be left on the door throughout the year, while others are best changed seasonally.


Use a combination of different elements to decorate a large wall. Paint, large decorative items and groups of pictures to help a large wall appear smaller.


The websites Houzz, Apartment Therapy and House Beautiful often have ideas for decorating walls. They are all blogs and online magazines specializing in residential interior design.


According to HGTV, some living room wall decor ideas include: a stenciled focal wall, a sunburst mirror, decorative art that compliments the room's furnishings and family photos. Ideas from Pottery Barn incorporate art prints, decorative metal discs, picture panels and wall sculptures. Pottery Barn


Decorative uses of wall paneling include beaded-board wainscoting in an entry hall and floor-to-ceiling panels in a rustic porch. Other creative designs incorporate wall paneling in front of a desk to add a place to organize racks and baskets.


Crafted letters can be used to put together words and phrases as decorations for a wall. To bring variety and dynamism to the design, the letters can be selected from different sources, such as block print letters, neon letters, framed pictures of letters. Doing interior decorating with letters is a