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Mostly white decor such as a white tub, toilet, window frames and architecture goes perfectly well with white bathroom cabinets. However, you can break up the white with a golden-brown marble or granite vanity top, a dark wood door with glass panels and dark metal hanging lights and wall sconces. Yo


To organize bathroom cabinets, start by assigning each cabinet a different use, such as a medicine cabinet and makeup cabinet. After that, use a combination of storage containers and labeling to organize them.


Paint bathroom cabinets by removing the hardware, sanding the wood, priming the cabinets, and painting the doors and frame. The process brings new life to older cabinetry in the span of an afternoon.


Some decorating ideas for a bathroom include using a lot of bright and bold colors, mixing and matching patterns, and going with a theme. A popular theme for bathrooms is the coastal theme, which can utilize seashells as the basis for its decor. Add some blues and greens to create a coastal bathroom


When decorating a bathroom, bright or neutral colors, tiled surfaces and mounted shelving are options for making a small room appear larger. Bold geometric patterns, monochromatic color schemes and minimalistic fixtures also create the illusion of space, while large mirrors and ambient lighting make


Decorate a small bathroom with light colors, streamlined styles and plenty of lighting. Choose light fabrics and textures to help open up a space.


When decorating a really small bathroom, choose light paint colors, as they create the illusion that a room is larger than it actually is. If the small bathroom has a window, take advantage of the natural light by choosing curtains or shades that are translucent, according to HGTV.


The blank space above kitchen cabinets can be the perfect place to show off collections, to add an accent color to a kitchen or to express a clever decorating theme. While not all kitchens have enough vertical space to decorate the top of the cabinets, filling in that area often provides the perfect


Metal storage cabinets provide a functional way to organize work space and cut down on clutter. They are most frequently used in garage or workshop settings to keep tools, cables and other maintenance gear arranged and easy to access. In an office or commercial environment, metal storage cabinets se


Better Homes and Gardens posts ideas for decorating small bathrooms on its website. The company provides ideas for paint, window treatments and bathroom fixtures, as well as ideas for complete small-bathroom makeovers and functional floor plans. HGTV also provides decorating ideas, helpful tips and