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The blank space above kitchen cabinets can be the perfect place to show off collections, to add an accent color to a kitchen or to express a clever decorating theme. While not all kitchens have enough vertical space to decorate the top of the cabinets, filling in that area often provides the perfect


When decorating a living room, don't be afraid to combine different styles, colors and patterns. It provides a more eclectic feel while also using favorite possessions and collections gathered throughout the years. Living rooms are best when decorated with the person's own personality.


Some ideas for decorating a small living room include avoiding bulky furniture, making use of all available spaces with shelves and making bold design choices in areas such as color, wall art and decorative pieces. Patterned rugs, light colors and mirrors help make the room feel bigger.


One good idea for decorating a living room is to add color to the space. Color can be incorporated through the use of window treatments, throw pillows, rugs and furnishings. Art can also be used to spruce up a space by selecting pieces that coordinate with the colors being used.


As of 2014, the two main living room decorating trends are traditional contemporary and modern shabby chic. Incorporating ideas from either of these two trends turns a house into a home with personality and gives a living room a distinctive flair.


Easy ways to decorate a room include utilizing patterns and prints, using wall space for decor and storage, and choosing a visual focal point. If space is limited, consider repurposing items as furniture.


According to HGTV, some living room wall decor ideas include: a stenciled focal wall, a sunburst mirror, decorative art that compliments the room's furnishings and family photos. Ideas from Pottery Barn incorporate art prints, decorative metal discs, picture panels and wall sculptures. Pottery Barn


To decorate a living room in five steps, position the sofa and the coffee table over a large rug. Enhance the anchoring pieces with complementary decorative accent pieces and your choice of lighting alternatives. Finish decorating the living room by hanging pictures and curtains throughout the space


Mostly white decor such as a white tub, toilet, window frames and architecture goes perfectly well with white bathroom cabinets. However, you can break up the white with a golden-brown marble or granite vanity top, a dark wood door with glass panels and dark metal hanging lights and wall sconces. Yo


Cabinet decals can be used to change the color of cabinets, decorate rental areas that can't be painted or permanently changed and brighten up a dark room. Most of these decals are made to be temporary. The material can be something thin such as contact paper or thicker such as vinyl decals.