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To install storage cabinets in a garage, determine the position of the cabinets, mark the cabinets' lower edges, and affix a narrow wooden board along the marked line. Position one of the cabinets over this board, and secure it in place with wood screws. Attach the other cabinets in a similar manner


When selecting storage cabinets or shelves, first think about what needs to be stored and note the dimensions and weight of the items in order to determine how much and what size and strength shelving is needed. Consider ease of reaching items to determine shelf depth and height placement of the top


Common styles of linen storage cabinets include free standing linen towers. Some of these towers come in two pieces, with open shelves on top and a closed cabinet on the bottom.


Rubbermaid, Sterilite and Suncast manufacture various sizes and configurations of plastic storage cabinets. The Home Depot also sells plastic storage cabinets under its store brand label, HDX.


Resin plastic cabinets, welded steel cabinets and flammable liquid safety cabinets are examples of different types of heavy-duty storage cabinets. The Home Depot offers many types of heavy-duty storage cabinets made from different materials. Some customers use the resin plastic cabinet in the garage


Inexpensive storage cabinet solutions include shelf baskets, sectional trays, tiered inserts, small bins and craft boxes. These solutions help to utilize the most space in a storage cabinet, keep them clean and organized, and make the retrieval of items quick and easy.


Variations of tall wood storage cabinets include type of wood, finish, number and type of shelves, number of doors, height, width and type of handle. Many cabinets are made from engineered wood, but some are made from natural wood, such as oak, pine or tulipwood.


Types of IKEA kitchen storage cabinets include glass-door cabinets, glass-door cabinets with two doors, glass-door wall cabinets and glass-door cabinets with four drawers, as of 2015. Additional cabinets include wall cabinets without doors and corner cabinets.


Walmart offers a variety of gun storage cabinets from manufacturers such as Stack-On, Mesa Safe Company, First Alert, Versatile Rack and American Security, as of 2015. The cabinets include stand-alone safes, mounted safes, wall safes and lockable storage cabinets, among other options.


Cabinet decals can be used to change the color of cabinets, decorate rental areas that can't be painted or permanently changed and brighten up a dark room. Most of these decals are made to be temporary. The material can be something thin such as contact paper or thicker such as vinyl decals.