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In the United States federal government, the Cabinet refers to a group of 15 executives; these executives serve as heads of their respective agencies, and advise the President on relevant matters. Over time, Cabinet members change, although the Cabinet composition remains the same. The Cabinet inclu


Better Homes and Gardens posts ideas for decorating small bathrooms on its website. The company provides ideas for paint, window treatments and bathroom fixtures, as well as ideas for complete small-bathroom makeovers and functional floor plans. HGTV also provides decorating ideas, helpful tips and


Masco Cabinetry, LLC displays a large gallery of kitchen cabinet designs on its website, KraftMaid.com. Lowe's and The Home Depot offer kitchen galleries on their websites as well. HGTV provides a large collection of photos and videos of different kitchen cabinet designs on its website.


To decorate an office, plan the design, select the furniture, and if desired, place a rug on the floor, install art on the walls, add a clock, and update the light fixtures. For more personal touches, bring in some plants, put some pictures on your desk or the wall, and add a stereo.


Mobile home cabinets are used in kitchens or bathrooms of mobile homes, which increases storage space for items such as dishes, utensils, towels and supplies, according to Mobile Home Guys. Mobile home cabinets are like standard kitchen cabinets, but typically are smaller in size.


Antique cabinets by painting them with a base coat and glaze, sanding them, adding wood wax and applying a few paint flecks. This takes a few hours plus drying time. You need a paintbrush, base paint, glaze, 100-grit sandpaper, wood wax, cotton rags, black acrylic paint and water.


Add a Hoosier cabinet to your kitchen for a unique look. Decorate this vintage piece by preserving the old-fashioned aesthetic, accessorizing it accordingly and using it to display curios.


Two of the 16 Cabinet-level positions are the Department of the Interior and Housing and Urban Development. The heads of each cabinet are appointed by the president and confirmed by a majority Senate vote. The Cabinet includes the vice president and the heads of 15 executive departments.


To install upper and base kitchen cabinets, mark their position on the wall, and locate the studs. For upper cabinets, attach a support board to the studs. Screw a few cabinets together, pre-drill on the studs and framing piece for screws, and attach cabinets.


To stain cabinets, prepare the wood by sanding off the old finish, then apply a wood conditioner to seal the wood. Apply the stain, going over the wood in a circular motion, and wipe off the excess. Apply two coats of a polyurethane varnish finish to seal in the stain.