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This sunny sitting room includes a large bay window that offers magnificent views of the outside, making these small butterfly prints blend right in on a blank wall. The bright colors on the butterflies' wings add a needed splash of color to the mostly neutral room and coordinate perfectly with other accessories and decor .


Don't be intimidated: A large, windowless wall can be the perfect canvas for creative decor ideas. From lush greenery to displaying a collection of artwork, see these easy ways to decorate a blank wall.


The ever-on-trend gallery wall is a decorating essential for the large and unfilled space—and rightly so. All it takes is a few pieces, lovingly grouped together, to transform empty into impressive.


16 Ideas for Decorating a Large Wall Space. Large blank wall spaces can often be a challenge to decorate. Whether you are at a complete loss on how to decorate yours, are trying to decide what kind of art to hang or are looking for photo collage ideas, this roundup of 16 ideas for decorating a large wall space will be helpful to you.


How To Decorate Large Walls- Blank Walls Solutions And Inspiration Framed textile - rug-on-wall.jpg - Makely Home - @ end of hallway/focal points Do you have a big, blank wall you don’t know how to decorate? Check out 12 affordable large wall decor ideas that are amazing solutions for your living room, bedroom and more!


When decorating a large room, it helps to arrange furniture to create individual spaces that work together as a whole. For example, in a large living room, you may have a defined conversation or television-watching space, a reading nook and a small gaming area, but the decor of all the areas should flow and work together, as well.; Consider the scale of your room in regards to your furnishings.


At first, large interior walls seem like a gift – so much space! The sky’s the limit in decorating them, right? Not always. In fact, it’s a design gift to be able to style a large wall just right, with proportions, connections, and white space all thoughtfully considered. Here is a look at ...


How to Decorate a Large Living Room Wall. If you have a large, naked wall in your living room, you might be stumped over how to dress it up. But there are many options for decorating a big wall in a living room, none of which need to be...


When you have a large wall space that needs some love, we have 3 go to options for decor: paint a fun accent wall, use a gallery wall, or hang a large piece of art. Some of this depends on your style, and some of it depends on the area — a gallery wall is fine for hanging over a sofa or above a ...


Living in an apartment or dorm room can prevent you from painting the walls. If you'd like to dress up the walls without damaging them, use washi tape. Michelle Edgemont attached tape to the wall in a tree shape, and pinned thumbtacks to the ends of each branch for a cute, space-saving way to display necklaces.