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cats >1 year $185 Feline LASER Declaw and Neuter: $190* ($195 if > 1yr) Feline LASER Declaw and Spay: $210** ($215 if >1yr) Declaw pricing includes pre-surgical exam, anesthesia, procedure, pain medication during and to go home, overnight stay, as well as a 5# bag of Yesterdays News cat litter to use in the immediate post operative period. More ...


After performing declaw procedures for years with a surgical blade, the Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic purchased a surgical laser in 2003 and began performing declaw procedures exclusively with the laser. We haven’t regretted this decision for a single minute since. Cats that are declawed with a blade often recover well and are very comfortable… in the long-run.


Declawing is life-altering surgery for cats; many veterinarians consider the procedure to be unethical and unnecessary and encourage cat owners to opt for safer alternatives to prevent cats from ...


Declawing your cat or kitten can be a painful and stressful experience and is recommended as a last option. But based on your situation, it could be the best option. Feel free to call us at (407) 352-2579 or stop in anytime to ask any of your questions about the procedure, recovery process, or your pet specifically.


US Bans on Declawing Cats. Within the US, the anti-declawing movement has primarily been undertaken on the local level with many cities passing their own bans on the practice. City Declawing Bans. West Hollywood, California, was the first city in America to ban declawing way back in 2003.


Resco Clipper Cat Declawing Explained The Resco clipper method for declawing a cat is used by many veterinarians because it is fast. Using a special set of clippers the end digit of the cat’s toe is amputated. The device quickly cuts off everything in one shot and then the skin is sutured or glued shut. The cat’s paws will be wrapped in ...


Cat Neuter: $85. Cat Spay: $120 There will be an additional fee of $10 for cats in heat and $25 if in early stage pregnancy. If the cat is 5 weeks or more pregnant, we will postpone surgery until kittens are delivered and weaned. Declaw Pricing: (please note this does not include the price of pain meds or local blocks which can range from $40-$80)


Declawing a Cat-WHAT IT REALLY IS! Declawing a cat is more than removal of the cat’s nail. Cats’ claws are part of the toe bones on each foot. The procedure known as “declawing” is the surgical removal of the entire end of the cat’s toe, amputating off the bone and cutting through the attaching ligaments and tendon. A more accurate ...


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Declawing a cat is the equivalent of cutting ones finger of at the first knuckle. Don't do it. It's cruel. 0. 2. Denise in New York, NY. Jan. 2, 2018. A declawed cat is better than having a cat homeless. Jessica in Livonia, MI. March 1, 2019. Have you ever had a declawed cat before?