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In most areas, building a deck requires getting certain permits, so it's often best to call local government agencies before drawing up plans. Some deck permits might require submitting plans; homeowners might have to hire an architect or contractor.


To build a simple deck, build a foundation, and screw deck boards on top of the foundation. Build a staircase and a railing for the deck as add-ons.


Free deck building designs are available online at Decks.com and TimberTech.com, as of 2015. There are hundreds of plans available from these sites, and both sites are searchable based on a number of refinements.


Common building codes for decks include that the deck be 30 inches above grade, which is the ground level directly adjoining the deck, and guard rails are secure and cannot collapse, states About.com. Balusters, or vertical posts, must be built to prevent people from falling off the deck.


To build wooden deck steps, first determine the rise and run of the planned steps, then prepare the concrete footer, and cut the stringers. Attach the stringers, cut and attach the stair treads, and then build the railings to finish the project.


To build a raised deck, sink the concrete footings under the frost line, attach the posts to them, and use a ledger board to join the deck and the house. Use 2-by-6 boards and joists to make the frame of the deck, and attach the deck surface made of PVC or hardwood boards to it. Finally, install the


To construct a pool deck, install the posts, assemble the deck frame, add the deck and install railing sections. You need 4-by-4 pressure treated posts, 2-by-10 posts, 1-by-6 posts, galvanized framing nails, galvanized deck screws, 2-by-10 Strong-Ties, a post hole digger, fast-setting concrete, a wh


To build a ground-level deck, anchor the base with concrete, install the beams, and add the boards. You need batterboards, mason's string, ready-made concrete, posts, hangers, deck nails, deck screws and brackets. You also need a posthole digger, hammer, drill, circular saw, chalk and a wheelbarrow


The price range for decks is $1,000 for a simple deck to $8,300 or more for an average deck, as of October 2015. The costs vary based on the types of materials used, labor and material costs, and the size of the deck.


As of 2015, some different types of decking products include pressure-treated lumber, redwood, western red cedar, plastic decking and composite decking. Composite decking, which is primarily composed of recycled plastics and wood fibers, is produced by a number of different companies, such as Verand