Temperate deciduous forests are found in mid-latitude areas and experience both warm and cold air masses. This causes them to have four distinct seasons each year. More »

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Deciduous forest food chains and food webs are terms that refer to the hierarchy of animals and plants living in temperate forests. The food web is comprised of consumers, secondary consumers, producers and decomposers. More »

Deciduous forests are located in the eastern half of the United States, mid-Europe, Japan, New Zealand, eastern China, southwestern Russia, Chile and Paraguay. These regions are known as the temperate deciduous forest bi... More »

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There are many abiotic factors present in the temperate deciduous forest, but some of the most common are rocks, climate, soil, sunlight, rain and temperature. The abiotic factors of an ecosystem are all the nonliving th... More »

Tropical rainforest landforms are areas that lie between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer, are covered in forest and experience a high level of rain. While many small tropical rainforests persist on Earth... More »

Threats to deciduous forests include acid rain, clear-cutting of trees and introduction of non-native species. These threats jeopardize the atmosphere and lives of organisms living in temperate deciduous forests in sever... More »

The relationship between the catalpa hornworm, a caterpillar, and Cotesia congregata, a wasp, is an example of parasitism in the deciduous forest. The wasp lays its eggs inside the caterpillar, and the larvae feed off of... More »