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To use a debit card, open a checking account with a bank or credit union. Upon receiving the card, activate the card, and create a unique four-digit PIN number. Swipe the card anywhere that accepts your card provider, such as Visa. When prompted, enter your PIN to complete the transaction.


As of 2014, credit and debit cards in the United States usually contain a prominently displayed 16-digit number. In addition to a unique card number, cards contain the bank's logo, the owner's name and the card's expiration date.


States use Go Program debit cards to distribute unemployment benefits, explains the Georgia Department of Labor, which cuts down on the number of paper checks each state must write. In the state of Georgia, those who receive unemployment have the choice between Go Program debit cards and direct depo


There is no difference between a check card and a debit card. According to Visa, they are both cards that access funds from a checking account. They work similar to a check in that the money used to make purchases is drawn directly from the checking account.


In general, you can activate a debit card by calling a specified number, using the card at an ATM or for a purchase with its PIN, or accessing an online account, but the process varies with the issuer. Bank of America, for example, offers all three options. You can call a toll-free number, 888-624-2


With most debit cards, there are multiple ways to activate them, such as calling an activation phone line provided with your card or using the card at an ATM with your PIN number. Some banks also allow activation by making a purchase with the PIN.


Order a new debit card online by filling out personal information on the online application forms provided by various card providers, accessible on the websites of major credit card brands such as Visa and MasterCard. Some banks such as the Bank of America offer online application services to its ac


The highest fees for prepaid debit cards include $1 to $5 fees each time the user reloads money onto the card, makes a retail purchase, withdraws money from an ATM or needs to replace the cards, according to Forbes. Some card issuers also charge monthly fees; for example, the RedPak Mi Promesa prepa


Where a customer can go online to activate their debit card will vary depending on the bank that they have an account with. For example, Bank of America states customers can activate their debit card online by signing in to online banking. ATM or phone activation is also available.


Check a debit card balance by reviewing a recent bank statement, contacting the issuing bank, or using an ATM to access the account with which the card is associated, Consumer.gov advises. Many debit cards are issued after people open checking accounts with banks or credit unions.