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The debate format for a Lincoln-Douglas debate is one-on-one. While some students may prefer one-to-one debate, others may not want the pressure or spotlight. This debate format allows a student to win or lose based solely on an individual argument rather than relying on a partner or group.


Conducting a Debate TN 13 A debate is a discussion or structured contest about an issue or a resolution. A formal debate involves two sides: one supporting a resolution and one opposing it. Such a debate is bound by rules previously agreed upon. Debates may be judged in order to declare a winning side. Debates,


Role Play Debate strategy --In the Lincoln-Douglas debate format, students play the roles of Constructor, Cross-Examiner, and so on. But many topics lend themselves to a different form of debate -- the role-play debate. In a role-play debate, students examine different points of view or perspectives related to an issue.


Teacher’s Guide to Introducing Debate in the Classroom Newfoundl and and Labrador Page 6 of 29 pages Newfoundl and and Labrador A TYPICAL ROOM LAYOUT FOR A DEBATE Remember, the format is flexible. Th e teams may vary in siz e, and the rol es of the chairperson and the timer could be combined Approach #1. Have the students form pai rs.


Debate Format Teams work well for classroom debates but two students can be paired as well. Adapt the following format to fit your specific goals and objectives. Adding a third, shorter round will allow teams to further defend their arguments. Alternatively, have all students prepare both a pro and con position for a designated class session.


Essential Tips for Conducting a Class Debate. ... The following is the most basic of debate structure. ... The next time your curriculum brings up a controversial issue, why not use it as an occasion for a class debate and give your students a new and structured experience of spoken English! P.S.


3. The debate has the overall structure outlined in the Student Handout: Debate Format. Student Handouts 1. Debate Instructions 2. Position Sheet (for describing their position before and after the debate, and for recording questions) (Note: If using the Student Position handout, be sure to provide some time for completion of the initial ...


Middle School Public Debate Program www.middleschooldebate.com argumentation, and teamwork skills in assigning individual speaker points. It is possible to give the same speaker points to more than one student. After careful deliberation of the outcome of the debate, the judge will complete a ballot, a


This can become extra-curricular. You could alternatively start an after-school English debate club, instead of trying to squeeze things into your normal class time. This might also give ESL students a chance to practice with students who speak English as their native language. Okay now. Let’s see how a debate is performed step by step.


Debate Timing & Structure. This is the standard format of a Debating Matters debate, and is used throughout the competition year. Two teams per debate argue for opposing positions on an issue. There are two students per team per debate. A Chairperson sits with the four competing students at one table. The Chairperson directs all proceedings and ...