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Countries which ceased to exist before 1960. This is my ever changing list of “Dead Countries”. “Country” can be defined pretty broadly in this case and includes: nations, colonies, occupations, puppet states, semi-autonomous states, or revolutionary governments.


LIST OF DEAD COUNTRIES – A full list of “Dead Countries” which ceased to exist before the end of 1959. This list is frequently updated as new information is discovered. This list is frequently updated as new information is discovered.


A historical sovereign state is a state that once existed, but has since been dissolved due to conflict, war, rebellion, annexation, or uprising.. This page lists sovereign states, countries, nations, or empires that have ceased to exist as political entities, grouped geographically and by constitutional nature.


I still enjoy collecting dead countries. I am thrilled to help someone else complete their own specialty areas. I am happy to pursue wantlists for those hard to find items, particularly for stamps from 1840-1940. To read more about me and RASLAD, please visit About me. To read more about my want list service, please visit Want Lists.


10 Countries Dead Within Two Decades. by Pivotfarm. Wed, 06/03/2015 - 04:34. 0. SHARES. ... The countries in the list of those that are set to disappear in the next twenty years are perhaps the insipid countries in the world that have failed to leave their marks. Fail to impress, govern or control in today’s world and you fail to survive. ...


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What Countries Celebrate Day of the Dead?. Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, festivals commonly are celebrated in Latin American countries as well as other Spanish-speaking countries. The celebration focuses on family members who have died. Families gather and build altars for loved ones. They also deliver gifts to the grave site. The holiday...


Below are a list of 10 dead countries which have issued stamps. For each country, can you name what modern country does the dead country belong to today. Record how many you got correct in the poll (please be honest) QUESTION: For each, can you name what modern country it is a part of today (careful, these are tricky) 1. Danzig . 2. Fiume. 3 ...


This page shows the countries of the world ordered by death rate. Click on a country to get more information about it. Facts about the country, the flag, maps, population, languages, birth rate, information about the land / water area, size of the country, death rate, animals, coordinates, country dialling codes, top-level domains, irrigated land, other facts and additional information.


10. Indonesia. Even though, Indonesia is a secular state, it has Muslim population at its largest in the world which means Islam is the most dominant religion in the country. 99% of the Muslims in Indonesia follow the Shaffi School of Sunni jurisprudence, whereas, Shia and Ahmadi Muslims occupy the minority of the country.