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Information required when filing a DBA form, an abbreviation for "doing business as," include the business name of the owner or owners, the location where business is being conducted, and the name of the business being filed, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. In most states, exclu


LegalZoom.com and Incorporate.com are two companies that help with filing Doing Business As forms, which in some states are also called fictitious business name forms. Each company's prices for filing DBA forms range between approximately $99 and $150, not including state fees, as of 2015.


A doing business as, or DBA, number is a number that corresponds with any alternate names or titles under which a company operates. In most jurisdictions, companies are required to register any DBA names they have with the proper authorities for tax purposes.


According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, "DBA" stands for "doing business as." Whenever a business name differs from the name of the personal owner, personal partner or registered business, most states require the business name to be registered DBA.


A business can obtain a doing business as certification, also called a DBA or fictitious name statement, by submitting an application to the government agency that handles business name registrations in the state or locality where the business operates. A DBA allows a company to do business using a


Read a dBA chart by finding the appropriate noise source or a similarly loud source on the chart and then finding the dBA value associated with that noise source on the same row. These charts list values in adjusted decibel units. Decibels are degrees of sound intensity as measured by a sensitive el


Most businesses need customer transaction forms such as invoices, receipts and orders sheets. Behind the scenes, a company uses forms to develop and manage its budget, track inventory and schedule employees.


The process for conducting a Doing Business As name search varies between states and counties, with most offering an online tool to locate the appropriate records according to the name itself, the name of the business' owner or other identifying information about the entity. Some areas also support


LawDepot.com, DoYourOwnWill.com and RocketLawyer.com each offer printable living will forms. Either customize one of the forms online or download a form to modify before printing it and signing.


Websites such as LawDepot.com and PrintableContracts.com offer will forms available for downloading and printing. After downloading the forms, the user can cut, copy and paste various paragraphs from the document to tailor it to his needs.