Dayniile is an online publication in Somali that publishes various news stories from the country of Somalia. Dayniile also has a section for English-language news stories. More » Art & Literature

The cable news network CNN offers viewers live and breaking news stories from around the United States and the world. CNN was the first 24-hour live news channel when it was created by Ted Turner in 1980. More » Art & Literature

Viewers who would like to watch CBS News live online can take advantage of the network's CBSN streaming service, which broadcasts 24 hours and features stories that are trending on CBS news shows. The streaming network u... More » Art & Literature

Some features of Horn Cable Television are that it broadcasts in Somali, and it airs 24/7 in Somalia and other African countries. It's also available to view via satellite transmission in Europe, Asia and parts of Austra... More » Technology Television & Video

Hindi Af Somali are Hindi movies and media that are produced in Somalia. The films range from short YouTube-style music videos to full-length feature films. These videos can be found on websites such as Daily Motion and ... More » Education

WNEP is a television station based in north eastern Pennsylvania providing national and local coverage on American politics, world events, sports, weather, and the local community. WNEP also publishes its news stories on... More » Art & Literature

Somali National TV (SNTV), Universal Somali TV and Somaliland National TV (SLNTV) can all be watched free of charge by tuning into their online live streams. The live streams of all these three channels can be found on t... More » Art & Literature