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The Day of the Dead, a holiday celebrated primarily in Mexico, is similar to Halloween in that both holidays occur back to back, both are rooted in festivals held by ancient peoples, both focus on death and both are celebrated with traditional foods.


To make a ghost decoration, cover a yardstick and Styrofoam ball frame with cheesecloth, then spray the head and hands with liquid starch. Allow that to dry, and glue on felt eyes and a mouth. When completed, remove the frame, and hang the ghost using fishing line.


Halloween and Day of the Dead share several similarities, including decorating with images of skeletons, ghosts, and the deceased as well as consuming sweets like candy and chocolate. These holidays have different origins, but both pay tribute to spirits and celebrate d...


Ideas for Halloween yard decorations include fake tombstones with mounds of soil in front of them to look like freshly filled graves and a tree filled with illuminated jack-o'-lanterns and fake crows. Bare-limbed trees show off the jack-o'lanterns and crows the best, so...


Decorated Halloween bags make great decorations, luminaries or treat bags. Make your own using a few simple items, such as brown paper lunch bags, old magazines, felt, black yarn, glow-in-the-dark paint, scissors, glue sticks and a paintbrush.


Homemade Halloween decorations include making vampire napkin rings, scary "boo" bottles and coasters with cobwebs. It is also easy to turn any door into a mummy by taping it with white streamers and adding two eyes for the mummy.


Scary Halloween decorations for outside include glowing eyes in the bushes and a hanging ghost made of packing tape. For the glowing eyes, cut two eye shapes out of a paper-towel roll. Insert a glow stick into the roll, and tape it so that it sits directly behind the cu...