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As of April 2015, prospective buyers can find day care centers for sale on Merger Network, according to the company website. The network posts listings daily and categorizes them as Child Care Centers for Sale. Buyers can register for free email alerts of new purchase opportunities.


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Day care providers look after children when parents are busy with work or travel. Day care providers are often less expensive than hiring a nanny, and they offer care in a regulated and structured environment. Children as young as 6 weeks old may attend some day care centers and may continue attendi


According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, the first step in developing a child care business is obtaining specific demographic data for the area where the business is to be located. Knowing where the greatest need exists is crucial to the business' success. The Small Business Administrati


Day care centers typically have names that are cute and memorable, such as Angel Academy or Busy Bees. They often include the words "children," "tots" or "kids" in their names, such as Playful Children, Tiny Tots or Little Kids' Playground.


As of 2015, the average cost of day care in the United States is around $600 per month for full-time day care of one toddler, according to Care.com. However, there are a number of factors that affect this figure, and location is one of the most prominent factors.


Be prepared to do your homework before you chose a day care facility. Talk to other parents to find out where they send their children. Most neighborhoods have a few options that are well known. Also, research the teacher-to-child ratio before choosing a good day care. If there are too many children


The three main steps involved in starting a day care business include deciding the type of day care to open, defining day care policies and getting all the legal details worked out. It is important for anyone wishing to open a day care to carry out thorough personal research in order to know the ris


In the United States, each state has different requirements for obtaining a day care license. According to the state of California's website, to become a licensed day care provider, candidates have to attend an orientation session, become familiar with all family child care home licensing laws, pass