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Christrian Healthcare Sharing Ministries + Dave Ramsey Christian Health Insurance. Welcome to Christian Health Sharing Call 949-488-8103. Christian Alternative to Health Insurance. 800-380-9928. Signed in as: filler@godaddy.com. Sign out. Christian Alternative to Health Insurance.


After praising Christian healthcare sharing ministries in general, calling most of them "very reliable," Mr. Ramsey singles out Medi-Share's "great reputation." He then points out correctly that Christian health insurance alternatives are not insurance and don't face the same regulations as insurance companies.


Dave Ramsey’s Thoughts on Christian Health Insurance. What does Dave Ramsey, a long-trusted expert in business and money management, think about Christian health insurance? Is it a good idea? The short answer is it could be, but buyers must beware.


Anna and her husband are self-employed, and the pay almost $1,000 a month for health insurance. Dave tries to help her with other available options, but there aren't many. QUESTION: Anna and her husband are self-employed. They currently pay almost $1,000 a month for health insurance. She has heard ...


Do you want to save money on health insurance? You’re not alone. But if you think the high cost of health insurance gives you an excuse not to have it, think again! According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, medical debt contributes to nearly half of all bankruptcies in America. (3) Not having the ...


Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM) is an affordable, biblical, and compassionate healthcare cost solution for Christians in all 50 states and around the world. We’re not health insurance; rather, we're the first and longest-serving health cost sharing ministry, having shared more than $3.5 billion in our members’ medical bills.


Their approach is not always in keeping with a Christian worldview. However, there is a Christian alternative for people of faith who are not happy with traditional health insurance plans. A more appropriately biblical approach to health care is offered by the medical program Medi-Share. The program is dedicated to providing health care for ...


Dave Ramsey Endorsement. Hey everyone this is Dave Ramsey. I've been telling you about our health insurance ELP Michael Dennis at Health Trust Financial for years now. I take the endorsement and recommendation of a company to my listeners very seriously.


The reason why Mr. Ramsey correctly advises his readers to be careful is because Christian healthcare sharing ministries are not insurance, a point that we talk about more in our post: "What is Christian Health Insurance?"As well as our YouTube MediShare review. I f you believe in Dave Ramsey's advice and are looking for an inexpensive health insurance alternative, please request you...


As Dave Ramsey says, though, this isn’t like using your health insurance. Before you decide to ditch your health insurance and join a healthcare sharing ministry, make sure you understand the differences and what you’ll gain – and lose – by making the switch.