Data compression is needed because it allows the data to be stored in an area without taking up an unnecessary amount of space. Data compression uses a series of algorithms to reduce the amount of real space that the dat... More »

One-way ANOVA, multiple regression, paired-sample T-test and logistic regression are all methods used for data analysis. Each one corresponds to data with specific characteristics so that the results of the analysis are ... More » Math Statistics

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Data validation is a checking procedure that a computer carries out automatically to help reduce input errors in data. A common type of data validation is the spell-checker function, which is used to check for spelling a... More »

Data abstraction in java is the concept of creating complex data types and only selecting relevant operations to interact with that data type. Abstraction is a core component of object oriented programming More »

In computers, a field is a space that holds specific parts of data from a set or a record. Multiple data fields form rows or database records where an entire page full of related data, such as user information, is saved ... More »

The difference between megabytes and gigabytes is the number of bytes that make up each unit and the amount of data they hold. A megabyte holds a million bytes, or about 1,000 kilobytes. A gigabyte holds about a billion ... More »