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What Does Dark Blue Mean on a Mood Ring? Under most systems for determining mood from a mood ring's color, blue is considered to mean that the wearer is relaxed and happy. Indigo and shades of blue close to it indicate that the wearer is in a loving mood, feeling spiritual or deeply calm.


If while wearing the ring your ‘mood’ changes so will the color of the mood ring. Mood jewelry can vary in respect to how well the jewelry changes color. At Best Mood Rings we only sell mood products that change color well and they are tested before shipping. Each Mood Ring or Mood Product will come with a Mood Color Chart.


When it comes to mood ring colors, red means excited, black means nervous, blue means calm, dark yellow means unsettled, gray means anxious, pink means fearful, orange means daring, brown means restless, bright yellow means imaginative, lavender means sensual, green means normal and white means frustrated.


Mood Ring Colors and Their Meanings. ... Wearers with dark blue rings are happy with their state of affairs and more prone to welcoming and generous behavior. Violet: Romantic. Violet often appears in the presence of a crush, a lover, or an artistic passion. They may be moody, sensual, or mischievous, and that can lend a level of ...


To those of you who are new to the concept of mood jewelry, this guide will explain exactly what it is, the meaning of mood ring colors and symbolism as well as how one can use mood rings or mood necklaces. History of mood necklace and mood rings The origins of mood jewelry can be traced […]


Dark Blue: Dark blue is an obvious color to represent a happy mood at a significantly higher level, often showing that there is romance in the air and a love interest nearby. Purple: The purple color indicates that the individual knows exactly what they want and will do anything to get it. Mood rings are just downright fun.


Dark Blue Mood Ring. If your blue mood ring teeters between light blue and dark blue, this is nothing to cause alarm. Just as a light blue mood ring means relaxation and calm, a deeper dark blue mood ring simply means that you’re at an even more elevated level of calm.


Information about Mood Ring Colors. What do the colors of a mood ring indicate? Each of our chemical make-ups are unique to us so it stands to reason that a mood ring color chart (scroll down the page for our chart) will not fit everyone, no more than a particular symbol in a dream will mean the same to everyone.


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Have you ever wondered what the mood ring colors mean? Mood rings are pieces of jewelry that are supposed to change colors depending on your emotions. So can these rings really read a person’s emotions? In this article, you’ll find out the history of mood rings, how they work, cleaning tips, and their meaning.