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I started taking strontium citrate 5 weeks ago. I've developed a rash and some slight skin inflammation. I don't know if there is a connection. Has anyone had side effects from strontium citrate ...


Side Effects & Safety Strontium is LIKELY SAFE when taken by mouth in amounts found in food. The typical diet includes 0.5-1.5 mg of strontium per day. The prescription form of strontium known as ...


3 Myths About Strontium. Having reviewed the published research on the different forms of strontium: natural strontium, the strontium ranelate drug, along with the radioactive form of strontium, I can confidently assure you that the natural form of strontium, strontium citrate, is a safe and effective bone health supporter. That goes for both the density and the tensile quality of your bones.


Thanks Michael, An amazingly thorough and timely response, as usual! I actually realized after posting that I take a 680mg strontium (citrate) supplement every two days, so only 340mg/day, as you recommend. I'll continue to follow this regime to support bone health until/unless additional evidence emerges for adverse effects of strontium in people like us, with low risk of CVD.


Do you recommend strontium citrate supplements for those with osteoporosis? Answer: NO. The answer is no, because there is no evidence for this compound for safety or effectiveness in prevention or treatment of osteoporosis. Strontium citrate has not been evaluated systematically in clinical trials for fracture reduction. What is Strontium?


What Are the Common Side Effects of Strontium Citrate? The most common side effect of strontium citrate is mild gastrointestinal discomfort and, in some cases, diarrhea. Other side effects are rare, according to WebMD. Strontium is a trace element commonly found in soil and seawater, and mainly ingested through seafood. It's very similar to ...


Strontium ranelate has not been approved in the U.S. The forms of strontium available over-the-counter in the U.S. or on the Internet are usually strontium citrate or strontium chloride. These forms are different from the ranelate compound and there have been no studies showing that they are safe or effective.


The doses of strontium ranelate is much higher in strontium than most strontium citrate plus their additives may cause side effects separate from the strontium itself. I did notice that strontium citrate manufacturers do NOT say how much actual strontium is in each 340 mg tablet.


What Role Does Strontium Citrate Play In Natural Osteoporosis Treatment? Strontium citrate is a natural source of strontium, a dual-action agent that both reduces bone resorption and increases high quality strong bone formation.


What do Strontium supplements do in the body and what are they used for? Learn about the benefits, effects, mechanisms of action, recommended dosages and potential side effects of consuming Strontium pills. Is this supplement as good as calcium for osteoporosis and bone health or is it unsafe to take?