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Magnetic field therapy uses different kinds of magnets on the body to help boost your overall health. It may also help treat certain conditions. Electrically charged magnetic therapy ...


In some situations, where the magnetic therapy causes pain in a body part that does not normally have pain, this may be an indication of an unidentified underlying problem in that body part, and medical evaluation should be considered. In this case, the magnetic therapy serves as an early warning process. Other Ways PEMF Machines Impact The Body


Negative Side-Effects of Magnetic Therapy. The use of magnetic therapy for pain relief has become increasing popular in the last few years. Traditional physicians are very skeptical of the benefits of magnetic therapy because of the lack of valid scientific evidence to support its use. Magnetic therapy is a form of alternative medicine and is marketed as a pain relief aid.


Different products like magnetic therapy bracelets and jewelry, magnetic therapy pillows, magnetic therapy straps, shoe insoles, etc., are available in the market and can be used in the therapy. We will see the side effects shortly, but not before we understand the benefits of the therapy.


Although the proponents of magnetic therapy, including the Magnetic Therapy Council, claim that "there are no known side effects to using medical magnetic treatments," many users still report some minor side effects that have come about from the usage of these magnetic bracelets and necklaces.


(PRWEB) September 29, 2002 Few people know about the importance of polarity or dangers associated with the use of bipolar magnetic therapy products. In todays market about 95% of all magnetic therapeutics sold are bipolar (the opposite poles are not seperated).


Magnet therapy, magnetic therapy is a pseudoscientific alternative medicine practice involving a weak static magnetic fields produced by a permanent magnet. It is similar to the alternative medicine practice of electromagnetic therapy, which uses a magnetic field generated by an electrically powered device.


Many people discuss the successes or failures that occur with magnetic therapy but they tend not to mention whether or not the use of magnets could be detrimental to one’s health. There are not many dangers, however if you have any one of the following issues, magnet therapy is not for you.


Magnetic therapy is a natural and holistic type of treatment, and therefore the benefits far outweigh the possible side effects. However, there are several side effects and contraindications that we can mention with regard to magnetic therapy. Some of these side effects can be better defined as discomforts, while others are more serious and,


I have actually been intrigued with magnet therapy for some time, as it seems promising and generally has very few side effects. And while magnets do not treat the underlying cause of any problem, they are far less dangerous than using drugs or surgery. In addition to reducing swelling, magnets have been found to help with: Depression