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What's Good, and What's Bad, About Living in Panama? Here's what life is like in a Latin American country that has become very popular with North American expatriates. Chuck Bolotin.


Pros. Biodiversity: There is an abundance of flora, fauna, wildlife and many micro climates.There are rain forests, jungle, mountains, beaches, islands, reefs, underwater marine life to visit and enjoy. Medical Services: Panama has the best medical services in Latin America. There are excellent hospitals in Panama City including Punta Pacifica (a John Hopkins affiliate).


Panama is a great place to live is because of the Panamanian people -one of the friendliest peoples in the world. Due to Panama's position as a world business and transportation crossroads there's a long history of living and working with foreigners. Panamanians actually enjoy foreigners. There's a saying that Panama was "born globalized".


Living in Panama (crime, best, life, cost) User Name: Remember Me ... they do it on tiled sidewalks while they walk in front of you, even inside buildings. The experience of living in Panama is simply disgusting. ... so people have to move here to find a job. By the way, driving in Panama is very dangerous if you don't have experience sharing ...


2. Panama City rents aren’t cheap, either. The lion’s share of any retiree’s budget is typically given over to rent. This is an important part of the reason why the cost of living in Panama ...


Panama is an ideal spot to explore various shops, atmospheres, and cultures. However, remaining cautious anytime you are traveling abroad is essential to avoid potential danger, scams, and swarms ...


Your only alternative transportation mode in Panama is catching cabs. If you are living on a pension, cabs in Panama are not only expensive but can also be dangerous, if the driver is less than honorable in his intentions.


Specifically Panama city, but in general is living in Panama safe? I've lived in Colombia and El Salvador, and I seriously doubt it is as dangerous as either, but whats your opinion? Please no statistics. India has the highest death rate due to terrorism, yet New Delhi is probaly the safest and most laid back city I've ever been to.


Living in Panama is not like living in the U.S. Canada, Germany or Britain. First and foremost, Panama does not have the same level of "Law & Order" that you expect in your native country. Petty crime and break-ins are high. You may call the police after a break-in and find that they refuse to attend.


Generally, there aren’t any dangerous animals in the oceans in Panama. I haven’t heard of any shark attacks or anything similar to that here in Panama, especially in the beaches where we are. Chitré, where our development is located, is very close to the ocean but the beaches that are close to Chitré are coral beaches, about 20 minutes ...