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This Bluetooth technology is used for more and more personal and commercial applications. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group now lists over 6000 products that utilize Bluetooth technology. All the more reason that we should be really clear as to what the potential dangers are with Bluetooth radiation.


Both Bluetooth devices and cell phones use microwave radiation to transmit and receive data; cell phones emit radiation that can be picked up by a tower from 10 miles away or more, while average Bluetooth technology transmits with enough power to maintain a connection only 10-30 feet from a wireless device.


Detailed Explanation on the Dangers of Bluetooth Devices. Why Bluetooth devices are worse than cell phones! Don't use a bluetooth device in your car. Studies on health effects of blue tooth radiation.


Bluetooth Technology uses the same microwave radiation to transmit data as cell phones do to receive and send calls. The only difference is the range. A cell phone antenna picks up signals from cell phone towers and satellites, while a Bluetooth headset/technology is receiving radiations from a few feet away.


Bluetooth technology is a wireless communication standard, not only for wireless headsets, but for many other applications in the short to medium range (1 to 100 meters). .


Use low-power Bluetooth ® technology or a headset to keep your phone away from your body. But just remember that if you use your Bluetooth ® or headset a lot, you are still exposed to radiation right near your head. For the ultimate in safety, use an air tube headset that’s specially designed to reduce cell phone radiation near your head.


Over the last few years, most devices with Bluetooth 1.0, and 2.0 have essentially become extinct, so I’m going to give you a brief rundown of the most common Bluetooth versions out today, and how they are affecting the Bluetooth technology of your devices. Bluetooth 3.0. When Bluetooth 3.0 came out, it was essentially just a dramatic speed ...


Some Bluetooth security problems include bluebugging, wherein hackers are able to use a Bluetooth-enabled phone belonging to someone else to place calls and send text messages without the owner being aware of it. Bluejacking is the sending of a text message to other nearby Bluetooth users who then add the sender to their address books as a contact.


Bluetooth radiation dangers are real. I don’t use a Bluetooth headset, or a cell phone for that matter. But I have come into contact with Bluetooth and so can attest to the adverse health effects of Bluetooth radiation. I have a friend who has a car with Bluetooth installed.


Bluetooth safety concerns. ... However, the few studies looking at the technology have found that it is safe. For instance, ... There are dangers, of course, associated with cellphones that don't ...