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Is your Shih Tzu eating the right food? It is a big concern for every owner, after all, this is how they will get properly nourished. So, if you are not sure about their diet and that, in turn, is reflecting on their growth, here is a list of foods that are dangerous for your Shih Tzu.


This is a very dangerous food for your Shih Tzu or any other dog. Make sure that they are not eating this at all. Even a small amount of bread dough can poison your pet. Bread dough rises inside the stomach and it produces alcohol. This is the reason for poisoning.


A Shih Tzu, like any other dog, should not eat food that is poisonous to dogs such as avocado, bread dough, caffeine, cherries, chocolate, garlic, grapes, macadamia nuts, moldy foods, mushrooms, peach pits, green potatoes and raisins, according to the Animal Poison Control Center and the ASPCA.


Knowing how to feed a Shih Tzu and what specific dog food brands are good for Shih Tzus can prevent certain health problems that this breed is predisposed to and increase the dog's lifespan. While ...


DANGEROUS "people food" and Commercial Pet Product do not feed to your pets: Some foods dogs should not eat and could be deadly- If your dog has ingested That Puppy in the Window Shih-Tzu Puppies for Sale in Ohio


Boshoff, Chris "Ten Dangerous Dog Foods Your Shih Tzu (Or Any Other Dog For That Matter) Should Never Eat." Ten Dangerous Dog Foods Your Shih Tzu (Or Any Other Dog For That Matter) Should Never Eat EzineArticles.com.


There are some foods that we eat every day and don't give a second thought to. These foods, however, can harm your dog. Here is a list: Chocolate - dangerous because it contains theobromine and caffeine, both of which are toxic to dogs. However, carob, white chocolate and cocoa butter contain little or none of these toxins.


Best Dog Food for Shih Tzus: How to Pick the Good Shih Oh, Shih! Your dog needs to eat! Shih Tzus can be hungry little fellers. In fact, it’s pretty easy for this breed to get a little pudgy, and it doesn’t help that lots of Shih Tzu owners tend to pamper their pups. This […]


If your Shih Tzu really loves wet food, you may find that drizzling some low-sodium chicken broth over it, allowing kibble to soak in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes, and/or warming the food can help. Another option is to mix a bit of wet food into dry kibble.


Dangerous Fruits and Vegetables. While a number of fruits and vegetables make tasty snacks for your Shih Tzu, some are dangerous or even deadly. Never give your dog grapes or raisins, for example, because they can cause kidney failure. Avoid onions, garlic and chives.