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These Vegan Homemade White Chocolate Chips are easy to make, loaded with wholesome ingredients, and are also dairy, soy, and sugar-free, making them perfect for almost any special diet.


If you prefer homemade dairy-free chocolate chips, enjoy the recipes for white chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, dark chocolate, and peanut butter chunks in my book, Go Dairy Free: The Guide & Cookbook.They’re from-scratch, easy, vegan, and naturally allergy-friendly. I’ve even included a peanut-free option for the peanut butter chocolate chunks!


I truly enjoy using dairy free white chocolate in my recipes. It adds such a fun option and touch (especially when used like this) but one of the most common questions is just where on God’s green earth does one even find dairy free white chocolate chips? The answer, as it always is, is the internet but let’s dig a little deeper!


If you’ve ever shopped for white chocolate, you may have noticed that it’s not particularly allergy friendly. Most of it carries nut cross-contact warnings, and it always contains both milk and soy. The few dairy-free white chocolates out there still contain soy. Not even Enjoy Life sells a top 8 free white chocolate. When I started thinking about this blog post, I wanted to bring white ...


Thankfully, this recipe is also simple to follow and you can be munching on hot plate of white chocolate macadamia cookies with a glass of plant-milk in no time. Get the recipe here. VeganSweets White Chocolate Chips. Smooth, creamy dairy-free, delicious white chocolate that tastes too-good to be true. Perfect for baking, or snacking straight ...


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Allergy friendly white chocolate chips! My daughter is severely allergic to dairy, so it was a big treat to find white chocolate chips we can use! They taste great and we’re so happy it opens up more dessert options for her to try. We’d love it if even more items were made dairy and nut free. Thank you!


Chocolate We have chocolate for every occasion. Bake with America’s #1 allergy friendly chocolate or grab a decadent chocolate bar or snack pack to go. Our chocolate is always free-from 14 common allergens, which includes being dairy-free, nut-free and soy-free. Go ahead, indulge!


Just 6 simple ingredients, with an option to make it refined sugar-free. Learn to make homemade vegan white chocolate with this easy recipe. Just 6 simple ingredients, with an option to make it refined sugar-free. ... you certainly can but keep in mind that it won’t be vegan—or even dairy free any longer.


I LOVE Pascha products for my food allergic children! I was very excited to see white chocolate chips that were dairy free, as this is a hard find. They are delicious, however not suitable for baking. I made chocolate chocolate chip cookies yesterday and used these white chocolate chips. The melted and hardened into the cookies.