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Daily Observations How the Economic Machine Works The All Weather Strategy Risk Parity Daily Observations is Bridgewater's flagship research publication. For over 40 years, it has grown to become a daily must-read analysis for thousands of investors and policy makers around the world. Here are a few examples of our research.


This research paper is prepared by and is the property of Bridgewater Associates, LP and is circulated for informational and educational purposes only. There is no consideration given to the specific investment needs, objectives or tolerances of any of the recipients.


Bridgewater Associates send out Daily Observations to their clients, but I haven't found many traces of these publications online. The series started some 40 years ago by Ray Dalio, and there're just few papers lying around. Some publications are available upon registration on bwater.com: Formula for Economic Success - Part 2 - October 31, 2012


Bridgewater(r) Daily Observations is protected by copyright. No part of the Bridgewater(r) Daily Observations can be duplicated or redistributed without prior consent from Bridgewater Associates. Copying or redistribution of The Bridgewater(r) Daily Observations is in violation of the U.S. Federal copyright law (T 17,U.S. code).


3 Bridgewater® Daily Observations 9/16/2015 Now consider an alternative: a portfolio that levers bonds to a comparable risk to stocks, and holds equal risk in stocks and bonds with a degree of leverage in the bonds so that the expected return of the portfolio is the same


Bridgewater® Daily Observations is protected by copyright. No part of the Bridgewater® Daily Observations may be duplicated or redistributed without prior consent from Bridgewater Associates. Copying or redistribution of The Bridgewater® Daily Observations is in violation of the US Federal copyright law (T 17, US code).


Bridgewater Daily Observations July 21, 2015 (203) 226-3030 Greater Risks in China Summary @2015 Bridgewater Associates, LP Ray Dalio Mark Dinner Steven Kryger Bob Prince Brandon Rowley Our views about China have changed as a result of recent developments in the stock market. We previously


The company's Daily Observations research is reportedly read by leaders of central banks and managers of pension funds around the world. 1975-1990: Consulting, research, money management. Bridgewater Associates was founded by Ray Dalio in 1975 from an office in his Manhattan apartment.


Bridgewater ® Daily Observations 10/31/12 Our Very Broad Brush Template While many influences contribute to shifts in relative income and power, we believe that the two most powerful of these are 1) the psychology that drives people’s desires to work, borrow and consume and 2) war (which we measure in the “luck” gauge).


If you're an institutional investor you can contact them, but I think they only offer to investors and not as a subscription service. It would have been a smart move reading him in the 80s before he was so well known. With investing it is a funny ...