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There are hundreds of dahlia varieties, and they fall into more than a dozen classifications based on the size and style of their blooms. Bedding varieties grow 18 inches tall and are appropriate for borders, while cutting varieties grow more than 5 feet tall and have blooms 10 inches wide.


The Black Dahlia is a pseudonym given to Elizabeth Short, a woman who was brutally murdered in Los Angeles in 1947. This name was used in place of Short's real name as part of the news media's tendency at that time to give florid nicknames to murders that were especially appalling.


To plant dahlias, you must choose the right time and planting site, prepare the soil, dig holes and plant the tubers. You need dahlia tubers, sand or peat moss, compost, bonemeal and a gardening trowel.


To grow dahlias, get them started indoors six weeks before the last expected frost, then transplant them outside after the frost has passed. Water the plants consistently to keep the soil moist, fertilize them weekly and stake tall plants.


Nobody knows for sure who killed the woman referred to as the Black Dahlia, and that is why the case remains unsolved as of 2015. There have been numerous suspects over the years -- Dr. George Hordel, nightclub owner Mark Hansen and landlord Glenn Wolf are some of the suspects.


Tips for growing dahlias include waiting until soil temperatures reach 60 F before planting and selecting locations that provide rich soil and good drainage. Dehlias do best in soil that is slightly acidic, so adding sand, peat moss or bagged steer manure can improve soil and ensure optimum growing


Dahlias grown in colder climates bloom from the middle to the end of the growing season, which is mid-summer, until the first hard frost. Dahlia flowers continuously in temperate climates like its native Mexico, where it is the national flower.


According to Dahlia Barn, the most important things about dahlia tuber storage over the winter is that they do not freeze and that they are dry before being placed into storage. Pack the dahlia tubers into a box filled with peat moss or another dry storage packing material such as newspaper or paper


Plant dahlia bulbs or tubers by acquiring quality bulbs, choosing a good location, preparing the soil and placing the bulbs at the right position in the ground. Plant dahlia bulbs in early spring, when the danger of frost has completely passed.


Dahlias are popular plants that grow well in containers and flower beds. To take care of your potted white dahlias, you need a planting container, gravel, potting soil, water and fertilizer.