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Daffodils symbolize rebirth and new beginnings because of their early spring appearance. The yellow flowers are also associated with Easter and as such are symbolic of Christ's Resurrection.


Daffodils symbolize rebirth as well as a new beginning, especially in cold climates after a long winter. They are also used in religious ceremonies and bouquets to represent these concepts.


According to WebMD, daffodils should not be eaten. Ingesting daffodils can cause a number of severe side effects, including chills, fainting, diarrhea and vomiting severe enough to require hospitalization.


According to Teleflora, different flowers symbolize various sentiments and mythologies derived from the flowers' names and characteristics. Flowers actually have a language of their own, called floriography, through which all flowers convey their own meanings or message...


Symbolically, the roots of the tree of life dig deep, the trunk provides a foundation, the branches spread out for subsistence and nourishment, the leaves absorb and collect energy, and the fruit gives itself for the joy of others. The breath of life from the Tree of Li...


World religion, folk tales, and general culture have always attributed symbolic significance to certain animals. The symbolic meanings of many animals vary depending on location and culture.


A peony flower stands for riches, honor, good omens and happy marriages, according to Teleflora. The Flower Expert explains peonies symbolize bashfulness, compassion, shame, good health, prosperity and a happy marriage. Peonies feature prominently in ancient Greek folkl...