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EE width shoes are considered extra wide for men and women. Not all manufacturers carry EE widths, and women's EE choices, historically, have been limited. However, options have improved over the past decade, at least in part because of the increasing sales of women's shoes to transgendered individuals.


Medium D is measured across the bottom of the ball of the foot from 3 to 5 inches, depending on the length of the foot. Wide EE While E is a wide shoe for both men and women, EE is wider than E for males and extra wide for females.


D is "normal" E or EE is "wide." The number corresponds to the length while the letter is the width. Typically, the width is measured across the ball of the foot (part right behind the toes, but in front of the arch.)


Boots are typically available in 6 widths: B (extra narrow), C (narrow), D (regular), E (wide), EE (extra wide), and EEE (triple wide). We suggest ordering your boots according to the size chart above. First, measure the length of your foot to find your base size. Then, measure the width of your foot across the widest part and find your ...


@ Francois I’d stick with the size 11 for the CCM. The difference between D (regular) and E isnt that significant so it shouldn’t make a massive difference. if it was between C and EE or D and EE then it would matter. @Sharkwinger Width D should be good for you.


For example, "EEE" is wider than "EE," and "WW" is wider than "W." If you're still confused (which is totally understandable), visit a knowledgeable shoe store, find out your proper size with the help of a salesperson, and pick out a new pair of shoes all in one trip.


For men, EE is considered a wide shoe, but for women it is extra-wide. In both men and women's shoes, width increases 1/16 of an inch for each half-size increase. For instance, in men's shoes, the width of a size 9 shoe is 4 1/16 inches.


Click here to skip down this page to our section which shows how to measure your feet.. Keep reading if you want to know why you shouldn't use our spiffy size conversion chart to convert your woman's dress shoe size to men's boot size or order boots the same size as your favorite Nike athletic shoes.


Overall, 1/6" is quite a small amount. I wonder what other measurements are impacted with an EE vs D. I am gonna snap a picture of my buddies feet today before we skate. He went with the EE regardless since they were so cheap he figured he could sell them if they don't fit.