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The volume of a cylinder refers to the amount of space the cylinder occupies. The volume of a cylinder is found by multiplying the area of the cylinder base by its height.


The formula for the volume of a cylinder is derived from the area of a circle. By finding the area of the base of the cylinder, you can multiply it by the height of the shape to find the volume.


Calculate the volume of a cylinder using the formula pi x r^2 x h. You need to know the value of pi, the value of the radius of the circle at the end of the cylinder and the value of the height of the cylinder.


The volume of a hollow cylinder can be found by taking the area of the base and multiplying that by the height of the cylinder. The formula for the area of the base is pi times the radius of the base squared. A numerical approximation for pi is 3.14.


The formula for finding a cylinder is to multiply its base (B) and height (h) together, where the area of the base is given as pi multiplied by the radius squared. A cylinder is a solid geometric object composed of two circular ends and a curved side.


Calculating the liquid volume of a cylinder involves multiplying the height by the area of its base or top. Input the number values correlating to the parts of the cylinder in the equation, either using manual or electronic calculation. Converting to the same units befo...


Determining the volume of a cylinder and a prism require similar approaches. Both these shapes have parallel ends. However, by definition, the prism cannot have curves, so a cylinder is not a prism. Volumes are often large numbers, so a calculator is useful in calculati...