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To cycle a tank, set the tank up with water, a filter and a small number of hardy fish. Change the water every two to three days, and test it regularly until there is no sign of ammonia or nitrates. Cycling a fish tank takes six to eight weeks to complete.


The easiest way to cool a fish tank is by using a commercial water chiller. However, chillers are often expensive, so aquarists have devised a number of techniques for lowering the temperature of their tanks. Because evaporation produces a cooling effect, most alternative methods for cooling an aqua


A fish tank can be set up by first purchasing all of the needed equipment and then setting up the aquarium and stand, placing the gravel and water, installing the filter and then decorating. To find out the appropriate equipment for a particular kind of fish visit the local pet store or local librar


Build your own fish tank by attaching four pieces of glass to a glass bottom using caulk and adding a light on the top. This project takes less than 60 minutes, though it may take longer it you are cutting your own glass. You need five pieces of glass, duct tape, clear aquarium silicone caulk, a Cor


To clean a fresh-water fish tank once per week, 10 to 15 percent of the existing water should be removed, and the gravel and decorations should be cleaned using a siphon. Additionally, an algae scraper should be used to remove algae. Refill the tank with clean, chlorine-free water as close to the or


According to aquarium experts, the Cascade 1000 Canister Filter is the best freshwater fish tank filter on the market. The filter is suitable for tanks up to 100 gallons and can pump up to 265 gallons in a single hour.


According to PetPlace.com, fish that are swimming at the top of an aquarium likely do not have enough dissolved oxygen in their water. This problem is also known as hypoxia.


Odorous fish tanks occur for several reasons that include rotting food, undiscovered dead fish or snails, dead plants and excess waste. Overcrowding of fish tanks can also lead to foul odors. Improper tank cleaning is a common culprit as well.


The best way to find a large fish tank for low or no cost is to find a used aquarium that someone is trying to discard. This can take some time and patience, especially for larger tanks as they are in shorter supply; however, local classifieds, Craigslist and community websites dedicated to keeping


Fish tank water usually turns green due to an excess of algae in the tank. A sudden algae bloom can be caused by overfeeding the fish, overstocking or direct sunlight, among other causes.