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I don't know why I torture myself by putting this on YouTube. Now I look like a freak and I'm literally crying... Some of my eyelashes stayed on as you can probably see in the video but pretty ...


Hello, I'm a 16 year old; I accidentally cut a small length of my eyelashes. They seem odd as the rest of my eyelashes are long and only a part of them is shorter. It's been a month now and I don't feel like they've grown and my parents don't agree on using Latisse! Will they grow back naturally?


CUT OFF MY EYELASHES! HELPPP And tied string too tightly on my wart helpp? ok so don't laugh but i have this wart like thing on my eyelid and i don't feel good with it so i tied string on it and i tied it too tightly so its stuck the wart has gotten smaller but blacker cause i guess no circulation?and ok 1. HOW CAN I GET THE STRING OFF?LIKE ITS GONE UNDER THE WART THATS HOW TIGHT IT IS .


Eyelash trimming is a known practice; it allegedly makes your eyelashes longer in the long run. This process has the same idea of pruning in mind in which cutting or shaving any part of the body will resort in thicker and longer hair. People trim their lashes for a number of reasons.


Eyelashes Cutting Cutting Hair Cutting Stones Cutting Remark Cutting Off Cutting Edge Beheading Rupture Of Relations Slip Of A Tongue Stonemasonry Haircut Blade Eyelashes To notice your eyelashes or dream that they are growing indicates that you are trying to express yourself in some subtle or covert way.


Cutting your hair does not make it grow faster. Do not cut your eyelashes. That would look weird! Eyelash length is one of those things that is controlled by genetics. Fortunately for those of us not endowed with the genes for long, thick eyelashes, there is mascara. Have you ever noticed how many guys have long gorgeous eyelashes?


• Fake eyelashes are very popular, but it is never smart to use them. Fake eyelashes are applied to your natural lashes with glue. When you remove them, the natural eyelashes break off because of the glue. So, only use fake eyelashes if absolutely necessary for an occasion, even then, have a professional apply and remove them carefully.


_Can_ you trim your eyelashes and _should_ you trim your eyelashes are two very different questions. If long eyelashes, whether natural or fake, are bothersome for you, you can absolutely trim them. But before you reach for the scissors, consider the safety issues and ramifications.


To cut eyelash in your dream may represent that you will overcome your troubles in a short time and money will go from you and it will be used for good reasons. To see that your eyelashes are white in your dream suggests that you will overcome your emotional depression thanks to your close friend.