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To cut your own bangs, divide your hair into a triangle section in the front, and clip back the hair. Use scissors to trim your hair, starting from the center.


Cut long bangs by sectioning off the hair that you want to trim and then snipping your hair with scissors or a razor. The process takes just a few minutes. You need sharp scissors or a disposable razor, a styling comb, bobby pins or a rubber hair band, and a mirror.


To trim or cut your own bangs, invest in a pair of quality haircutting shears and a comb. Trimming existing bangs is the simplest. Style your hair as you would on a normal day, making sure that your hair is completely dry before cutting. Section out your bangs, and clip the rest of the hair back. Pu


Style as normal, pull the bangs straight out and trim sections of hair with the scissors at a vertical position. Use a very sharp pair of scissors to ensure clean cuts and work slowly, checking progress frequently.


To cut straight bangs, wash the hair and blow dry the front section so it's completely straight. Divide out the bangs section, comb this over your fingers, draw down to the bridge of the nose and make the first cut. Gradually cut the bangs until they're the desired length.


To trim bangs, leave hair dry and comb it straight down in order to ensure that it is even while trimming. Start at the center of the bangs, and work toward each edge in small batches to keep the bangs evenly trimmed. Bangs should be trimmed every 2 to 3 weeks for the best results, though trimming t


Cut bangs straight across by using a comb, a well-sharpened pair of haircutting shears, and proper hand placement and elevation. After isolating the hair you want to cut, measure out a desired length, then position a comb at a tilt away from the face, and begin cutting the bangs in small sections, m


Cut your bangs at an angle across your face to achieve a hairstyle with classic scene bangs. Use a razor comb to get the choppy texture commonly associated with scene hair.


To grow out your bangs, encourage hair growth and health by massaging the scalp, using moisturizing products and getting light trims. Keep bangs out of your face with heavy styling products, pins, braids and headbands.


One easy method for cutting fringe bangs involves separating the hair into three sections and using scissors to cut the hair into the desired length. Snip at the ends of the hair for a natural look.