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Some cute names for female dogs might be Dixie, Ginger, Luna, Mocha and Princess. A good name should be short and easy for the dog to understand. To avoid confusion, it should not sound like a command, a commonly used word or the name of someone else in the household.


Some cute names for small female dogs might include Midget, Minnie, Mimi, Tiny, Trixie, Felicity, Scarlet, May Jane, ZuZu, Muffin Top, Double Rainbow, Mia, Sophie, Precious, Pixie, Lucy, Lucky, Buddy, Chanel and Honey. Other names might include Gigi, Gracie, Maddie, Zoe...


When naming a female kitten, it is a good idea to come up with a cute name that matches the kitten's appearance or personality. Some good ideas are Snowball, Angelo, Whiskers or Nala. The name should reflect the cuteness of the kitten.


The most common names for girl dogs in 2014 were Bella, Lucy, Molly, Daisy and Lola. Bella was also the top choice in 2011, 2012 and 2013.


According to a 2012 study by Vet Street, the top 10 female cat names include: Lola, Stella, Izzy, Zoey, Lulu, Luna, Nala, Penny, Ruby and Willow. 95 percent of the female cat names studied were human names, as opposed to descriptive names, such as Whiskers or Snowball.


Phoenix and Hawk can be names for any type of bird. Penelope is an exotic bird name. Jem is a cute version of Jemima, which means "little dove." Birdie can also be a cute and simple name that states the obvious


Some of the most popular cute male kitten names include Oliver, Tigger, Lucky and Oreo. Mittens, Gizmo, Pumpkin and Midnight are also popular cute names for male kittens. Socks, Jax and Rascal are all favorite names for male kittens.