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Love riddles make it easier for you to amp up your game in front of your lover or a prospective lover. So, to help you out with it, here are some cute and fun love riddles to make that guy think about you all the time. Love riddles to make the conversation easy with your crush. Q1. What is mine but only you can have? A- My heart. Q2.


Her mind will immediately be pre-occupied with figuring out (or if she is lazy, finding out) the answer to the riddle. You have grabbed her attention completely. After all, our brains are wired to immediately search for answers as soon as we ask it questions.


Flirty Riddles For Her


These riddles are so cute. I will have to share this with a friend of mine. She just found out she is expecting. Her husband is a truck driver so the last one is perfect for her. Reply. rachelferrucci. January 10, 2017 at 10:50 pm. These are all so awesome! For my daughter’s second, my grandson came out with a shirt that said “Big Brother ...


Test your smarts with the 101 best riddles, including easy and funny riddles for kids, and hard riddles for adults. Test your math skills and word play with answers included.


Smile wide with these cute jokes and puns. Never thought a pun could be cute? Think again. Put that eye roll away with these cute funny puns that will make you smile all day.


Riddles not only improve vocabulary and fuel reading comprehension, but they also allow the opportunity for us to think outside of the box and work wonders for the development of the mind. This is because they force you to problem-solve and think critically which helps stimulate your brain and reduce the risk of memory loss later on.


One Liner Short Riddles  How can you get four suits for a dollar? Buy a deck of cards. How do we know the Indians were the first people in North America? They had reservations. How do you make a hot dog stand? Steal its chair. How do you make an egg laugh? Tell it a yolk.


If you knew a good riddle that nobody could crack, you be cool. So how about I make your casual Saturday morning a little interesting by waking up your 'still-grumpy' mind using these brain-teasers.


via: Riddles. You’re probably thinking of something that moves, but it’s actually something that winds through these places. River’s close, but they just go down hills, not through them. It’s a road.