Surgery to remove warts is a viable option for quickly getting rid of warts, according to WebMD. This type of surgery is fast, effective and is usually chosen when home and doctor's office treatments have not worked to r... More »

To make cut-off shorts, measure your inseam, mark the jeans with chalk, cut off the legs, fray the hems with pinking shears, and launder the shorts. This 1-hour process requires jeans, a mirror, pins, scissors, a ruler, ... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

To cut the sleeves off a T-shirt, turn the shirt inside out, rotate the sleeves, and cut along the inside edge of the seam. To ensure an even line, use chalk to draw a line to cut along. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Warts can be definitively diagnosed via examination by a physician; some physicians may take a biopsy of the wart and examine it under a microscope to ensure that it is a wart, according to WebMD. Warts come in many size... More »

Blood vessels growing into the wart give the wart black dots, which some people call "seed" warts, explains WebMD. These dots show the introduction of blood into the wart. More »

A person can use clear nail polish to inhibit the development of the virus, thus removing the wart, as stated by WebMD. However, this method is not effective as the use of a placebo in the treatment of warts. More »

To remove plantar and palmer warts, WebMD suggests wrapping the area in duct tape, peeling the wart off with an over-the-counter treatment or freezing the wart off with liquid nitrogen. However, most warts go away on the... More »