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Getting in and out of a conventional bathtub by stepping over can create a dangerous situation for many seniors and can often make living in one’s own home difficult or nearly impossible. Traditionally the only answer was to rip out the bathtub and install a separate shower at significant expense, bother and mess. ... This bathtub cut out ...


Bathway' s bathtub to shower conversion process transforms your existing bathtub into a safe and accessible bathtub or walk-in shower in just over an hour. Bathway - The Tub Cutting People, have been providing accessible bathtub conversions, step in showers, bathtub cutouts and other bathroom safety solutions for retirement homes and seniors in ...


Convert your bathtub into a walk in shower . Welcome to a growing new trend in bath remodeling…the SHOWER EASE™ Walk In-Tub Cut Out for bathtubs. Have your existing porcelain, steel, acrylic, or fiberglass bathtub converted to a shower unit at 70% less than the cost of installing a manufactured Walk In bath tub!


The TubcuT® is the only tub-to-shower conversion that can be REVERSED! Save the cut out section of the tub and we can restore your tub to its original condition. One piece inserts do not allow your bathtub to be restored. The TubcuT® has a life time warranty backed by the manufacturer.


One of the biggest barriers to seniors and people with disabilities is the bathroom. Traditional bathtubs can present difficult and dangerous situations for people with limited mobility. You can maintain your independence and dignity with a bathtub cut out. Tub cuts allow you to transform your existing bathtub into a safe and accessible walk-in ...


Cut a section of the existing bathtub and convert to a walk-in shower or accessible bath! Affordable tub conversion - Nationwide installation or DIY kits


The blend in version of our handicap accessible tub cut procedure is the most natural looking tub to shower conversion option we offer. After the tub deck section is cut out and removed; the sides and bottom of the tub rail are rebuilt , reinforced and sprayed with a color matched coating to seamlessly blend into the existing bathtub.


GRAB-IT Bathrooms offers professional bath tub cut out and Grab Bar installations for seniors throughout Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton and surrounding areas in Ontario, Canada. We access your bathroom and provide premium quality bath tub cut outs, install comfort height toilets, add safety grab bars or install a variety of other bathroom ...


An affordable alternative to expensive walk-in tubs! The Easy Step Bathroom Safety Package begins with the installation of a Easy Step walk through bathtub cut out into your existing bathtub. The 24” wide by 9” deep tub cut converts your existing tub into a shower making it safer to step through instead of over the side of the tub.


Shower Safe specializes in converting bathtubs into step-in showers without the need to change your bathtub. Seniors and persons with restricted mobility benefit from the security of independently getting in and out of the tub without the fear of falling down.