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The blend in version of our handicap accessible tub cut procedure is the most natural looking tub to shower conversion option we offer. After the tub deck section is cut out and removed; the sides and bottom of the tub rail are rebuilt , reinforced and sprayed with a color matched coating to seamlessly blend into the existing bathtub.


Save the cut out section and we can restore your tub to its original condition. If you decide to relocate and sell your home it doesn’t devaluate the home. Just have it reversed. ... Check Out Tub Cuts by One Day Bath. Get a Free In-home Consultation!Bathtub & Tile Reglazing, Bath Liners, and Tub Modifications Serving NJ, PA, NYC, FL


Another great feature is that a tub cut is completely reversible if at a later time the bathtub needs to be retored to it’s original condition as long as the bathtub cut-out section has been saved and stored properly. Bathtub Conversion Cost. The cost to have a bathtub converted to a walk-in shower is in the range of $500-$1000 depending on ...


Tub Cut Outs. Handicap Bathroom. Tub cut outs offer a safe and easy way for anyone to enter and exit a bathtub/shower combination. Bathtub conversion can change a steel, porcelain, fiberglass or acrylic bathtub into a shower for a fraction of the cost of installing a new walk-in shower.


Convert your bathtub into a walk in shower . Welcome to a growing new trend in bath remodeling…the SHOWER EASE™ Walk In-Tub Cut Out for bathtubs. Have your existing porcelain, steel, acrylic, or fiberglass bathtub converted to a shower unit at 70% less than the cost of installing a manufactured Walk In bath tub!


Bathway - The Tub Cutting People: Tub To Shower Conversions In Just Over An Hour! Bathway' s bathtub to shower conversion process transforms your existing bathtub into a safe and accessible bathtub or walk-in shower in just over an hour.


This bathtub cut out conversion will reduce the strain and stress on the elderly, people with disabilities and the caregiver. It can help restore some independence to a private part of a person’s life. The Walk-Thru bathtub cutout insert is available in 3 different styles. The standard Wide model (white) will fit most steel tubs manufactured ...


The TubcuT® is the only tub-to-shower conversion that can be REVERSED! Save the cut out section of the tub and we can restore your tub to its original condition. One piece inserts do not allow your bathtub to be restored. The TubcuT® has a life time warranty backed by the manufacturer.


Bathtub cutout conversion kits just $445 CAD. Convert your existing tub to a walk-in tub or a step-in shower in hours! Four unique bathtub cutout options. Canada-wide service or buy DIY CleanCut™ bath accessibility kits online.


Converting a bathtub to a walk-in shower with bathtub cut outs is way cheaper than replacing the bathtub with a new handicap accessible bathtub Installing a bathtub cut out is a quick job that can be done on bathtubs made of fiberglass, steel, and acrylic.